LG TV 55UF68 is not seen by other Devices and bad functionality for playlists


LG TV 55UF68 is not seen by other Devices and bad functionality for playlists


Hi there,


 i have the LG TV 55UF68 and downloaded the App on the TV. The TV is connected to Internet by Wire. There are three strong Problems i detected immediatly as a Premium User.


Problem 1:


When i start playing a Song on the TV -> my Phone ( Samsung S4) and my PC with Windows 7 doesnt see its playing. So I am not able to change the Songs playing. It just starts playing on the Device itself, where i choosed. 

Problem 2: 


I have a Playlists with like over 200 songs in it!  The newest Songs i added are below of the List , so i have to scroll all the way down, what takes me like 5 Minutes!  I have no filter options. The Scrolling ist really Slow and the best Part just starts after it ---> When i choosed one song to play ( after scrolling 10 min ) , the Playlist disappers and i have to scroll again until i am at the bottom of the 'Playlist. I really have much better things to do than spending it scrolling my Playlist, haha. However as much as i like the Songs in It.


Also, when the song is choosed and is playing, the App starting to zoom in, in another view mode - it would be nice, when there is an option to select in that view mode directy from the Playlist than just skipping, but this is not really necessary.


Problem 3: 


I have a Tv with 55 " with UKHD soooooo WHY should the APP scaling the showing aspects for people who can read by 100m distance? There should clearly be an Option to scale it down! Even the people on the street  are easiy able toread what I am playing right now, that App should be me adjustable!


I really look forward the get the Solutions as soon as possible, thanks!


Greetings Jan


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Hey there!

We're afraid the Spotify Connect feature isn't available on TVs.

We'll make sure to pass your feedback on this, and the scaling and filter options, to the right team.

Let us know if there's anything else.