LG TV Playlists not showing


LG TV Playlists not showing


Hello. I have an LG TV Smart TV with LG Content Store. I have been using my playlists just fine listening to music up until like 2 days ago when they all disappeared, even the starred, which doesn't exist anymore anyways... 


The 11th list is not a folder, I have logged in and out, re-installed the app, waited several minutes in offline mode to allow syncing etc. Nothing works. Help?


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- Log out

- Log in


Worked for me 😃

webOS 2.0


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Something is changed in Spotify api, because I cannot get Playlists on my Marantz. Loging out, factory reset deos not help.
Spotify - fix this asap, as I will be quiting premium if I cannot play it on my hifi stereo.


Me too. I'm in a trial premium period, and if this item is not fixed I won't pay anymore.


I hava a LG Smart Tv and I can't see my playlists. It's a fake, as it is my birthday and I want to use Spotify for my birthday party.


When do you think this proble will be solved?


Thanks, and please Spotify team, fixed this problem asap.



I got the same problem, please fix it spotify! (Lg smart tv)

Having the same problem, the playlists were showing up around Christmas and now they're gone. Very frustrating!

My playlists have been a whole lot of work!
And i use spotify at home on my LG Smart far the most!
Should be fixed asap!
That's really frustrating!


Same here. Can we get this fixed asap!!


Same here. Fix it, Spotify.

I also have a Samsung smart tv and my playlists will not show up.

I have the same problem. My playlist is gone since a week. On my phone is oke but not on my lg tv :(.

I tried to use log off at all devices. This work well, only my tv doesnt work.

Hopelfully you can make this app.

Same here!!! Spotify Please fix this ASAP!!!


I fixed it by adding a song to a random playlist on the TV and the rest of my playlists showed up after 🙂 fix for LG Smart TV

Thanks, now is every thing oke.


Although private playlists work properly now still I have a problem with Discover Weekly playlist. It's loading and loading... with no result.

Doesn't work for me unfortunately. When I press add to playlist a window appears to select a playlist, but none are listed, only Starred, but adding to that didn't solve the problem. In fact it made things worse as there seems to be no way of removing songs from that list!

Same here, adding to the starred folder doesn't help at all


Is there an update to this problem? 


I'm having the same problem and given that this appears to be an issue that a lot of people are having, you'd think Spotify would address it. This help forum is insanely confusing given when you google the problem dozens of instances of the exact same problem appear and literally none of them seem to tell how to fix it, yet they're all closed. One "solution" is literally a link to a post from 2014 about a bug which, is not a solution and is apparently still not fixed. I'm also in a trial period and this doesn't give me a lot of confidence.


This is ridiculous and cant believe spotify hasnt fixed this issue. I am experiencing this error on both my Samsung and LG smart TV. the problem has persisted for almost 2 months now and without a solution in sight, I am thinking about making the switch to apple music. Ive been a subscriber for almost 3 years now but this complete lack of knowlege of a problem or knowledge of any solution to this problem is not how a business of this caliber should be handling this. You may have lost a subscriber today, Spotify. 


Hi, I added an Idea to the site at:

Perhaps we'll get more attention from Spotify there than in these forums?

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