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LG TV notifications

LG TV notifications



Can't find a solution to this after a search so hopefully, someone here will have the answer.


I am streaming Spotify from my iPad to my HiFi speakers using gramofon. 


However, whatever I am listening to pops up on my LG TV as a notification. So every few minutes a notification appears saying which song I am listening to?


I have looked on the TV app, and the iPad app and cant seem to see where I can turn this off?


Any help on this would be appreciated! Thanks


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I'm using the iphone with spotify and saw the pause popup.
I know that Spotify's account can be played on only one device at the same time.

Sorry this seems to be a different issue. Spotify continues to play on my device but a notification popup of what is playing shows on the TV whilst watching a programme! It pops up each time a new song starts playing

Did you find a resolution for this? I have the same problem. Watching Game of Thrones on LG TV, and a notification (with album art thumbnail) pops up when my daughter changes tracks on her spotify connect device upstairs. Real pain after a while.

no, but i think the spotify app has now gone from LG anyway?...maybe the new one will fix this!

I deleted the (no longer working) Spotify app from my LG TV, and I'm still getting the notifications. Driving me mad.

btw my daughters Spotify Connect device is a Goodmans module, although I do have a Gramofon as well, so it's not likely to be the wi-fi device setup. Must be the TV somehow. Oh well.....

how odd!


its the other way round for me, the wife fed up of knowing what i am listening too whilst watching her TV!


Oh well indeed!

Got the Same Problem. Anyone got a fix?

hi, just seemed to stop doing it!? maybe check you have the latest tv firmware?


Sorry cant be any more help!

No my LG TV is up to date. And the Problem still exists. No Spotify app on TV installed...

Any update on this? It's quite strange as I never enabled it in Spotify or on the TV.

Yes still the same problem. Current firmware is installed.

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