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LG TV playlist won't load also won't keep me logged in

LG TV playlist won't load also won't keep me logged in

I have a premium spotify account and one of the main reasons I got it was so that I could play music on my LG SmartTV. I have played music on the TV before, but recently, one of my main playlists has refused to load. It is constnatly stuck on "Loading..." instead of loading the playlist and showing the title of the playlist. I tried logging out and logging back in to the app, and now I have to log in EVERY TIME I click the Spotify app. Before, it would keep me logged in. What the heck did I do wrong? How do I get this one playlist to load?? Nothing has changed as far as I'm concerned but I'm incredibly frustrated!! 

I've searched the community and un/reinstalling the app did nothing. There are no updates available for my TV (it is up to date), adding a song to the playlist from TV and from the computer has done nothing to help this particular playlist load and no matter how long I give the TV to que and load it on its own, it never happens!! HELP!!! 

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