LG WebOS 2.0 app not friendly for burn marks

LG WebOS 2.0 app not friendly for burn marks


Hello there,


I'm posting because I've tried the 1.1.2 app for a LG led tv, to be honest, I only tried it for a couple of tracks. The thing I'm concerned is that nowadays we all know the risks of having the static image on any large tv for more than half an hour, and I observed that in the app when I play a track that's exactly what happens, I get the normal play screen with the album art the progress bar w/ mins, staticly there. So, I'm writing to know if there is any solution for this or if you're thinking on solving this switching to a "screensaver" maybe with a spotify logo that changes position or a plain black screen, shouldn't be hard to do, and that way you're saving the user's energy and making them feel safe to use the app.


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