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[LG WebOS][Playlists] Please urgently update this app

[LG WebOS][Playlists] Please urgently update this app

Hi, the app that is available for LG TVs is way out of date and now does not even work.

Until recently it was able to list my Playlists and I could play them, but they now don't even appear. This is the very base level of functionality I think that is needed, but others have commented that the app also needs a whole lot of other things too, i.e. like what is available on other platforms.

Can Spotify please advise what their plans are for the LG TV platform?

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Same problem here for the last few days. Is there a solution?

LG webOS support is one of the reasons I choose Spotify.


Ditto for me, thanks for posting this Jeff.  My LG TV no longer shows any of my playlists, literally just shows blank when I click on "playlists" in the app.  I tried re-installing the app, logging off Spotify everywhere else, etc, etc.  Nothing works.


Spotify - I can't figure out how to get a hold of an actual person at your company so hopefully someone will actually read this and fix it.  This delay (see other posts on this topic) is totally unacceptable considering the monthly premium.  


Thank you.

This is the response that I got on Twitter from Spotify support team:


"Hi! We have passed the information to our technical team and they are investigating. We do not have an exact date, but we recommend you to check for any app update. We always try to solve these kind of problems with our updates"


Not a solution, and not very promising...


@SpotifyAyuda (account for spanish speakers)

I'm having the exact same problem on my new LG UH615T; on it, I can't access any of my playlists that I can play on my iPad, iPhone and PS4. I can't even search for playlists, eg the 'Just Chill' playlist, It's rather disappointing at the moment.


i hope Spotify fix this.

i came from another post but no updates have been done. thought i would try Spotify on both my LG and Samsung Smart TV's but to no avail. Both are obsolte and useless peices of **bleep** apps. Unreal the level of incompetency. Spotify's total lack of regard of customer complaints is irratable. In a world where tech companies must compete for business, this was an easy decision to leave spotify today. 

To add to this, LG WebOS app is our main portal for Spotify listening - Premium subscription not worth it if this isn't fixed, and soon!

No playlists on my LG tv either. Spotify have been giving me the runaround for weeks.
Agree, this is unacceptable on Premium.

Hey there everyone!


There seems to be an ongoing issue with playlists not showing up on some smart devices that Spotify is currently aware and investigating. You should head over to this thread and add your feedback as well as keep an eye for any updates!


Hope this helps!



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Same problem for me with a Samsung Smart TV. Spotify without playlists isn't worth keeping, so they better fix it pronto.

This is a primary function for my TV's existance in the lounge room to play my music playlists....

If it can't do this, I will move away from Spotify, its a bit of a shame but a necessity, don't want to move to apple music thanks.


Spotify kick your developers in the **bleep**!! If LG is holding them up somehow please let us know & why and we can deal with LG as a consumer online, but so far it looks like Spotify has dropped the ball for the paying customer on this issue.

Same issue here on a Smart LG TV using WebOS 3.

I am having this same problema since february. I've tried everything, loging out, registering again etc and nothing works! I am paying premium and I listen on my tv. With this problem I've been thinking of unsubscribing. It's no longer worth it!

I had the same problem tried ALL suggestions.... just canceled my subscription, if Spotify is unable to resolve its not worth paying for a premium subscription in my opinion.

If more people cancel I'm sure they will jump on and get it fixed as a priorty, your subscription just goes back to having adds again is the only problem I have now (aside from no playlists still) and Spotify doest get their monthly payment until the issue is resolved.

Congratuation!! the problem is solved by Spotify. Now I can see the playlist in LG SmartTV.

Gracias, mil gracias Spotify

I wonder if it is fixed.
I tried mine today. Only some of the playlists are shown. The rest keeps showing 'Loading'.

Do I have to reinstall Spotify app? It looks like a random issue which Spotify has done nothing so far.

Yes my playlists have all returned now, looks like Spotify has fixed it....yay...I have just resubscribed to the Premium service!!

Loading issues is often occured. If there is a lot of music in the folder, it takes time to query. Please, reduce playlists

Same problem as everyone else. Please update the app so it has basic functionality with radio and playlists. It makes the app, and the subscription, useless right now. Is there an expected timeline?

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