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[LG WebOS][Playlists] Please urgently update this app

[LG WebOS][Playlists] Please urgently update this app

Hi, the app that is available for LG TVs is way out of date and now does not even work.

Until recently it was able to list my Playlists and I could play them, but they now don't even appear. This is the very base level of functionality I think that is needed, but others have commented that the app also needs a whole lot of other things too, i.e. like what is available on other platforms.

Can Spotify please advise what their plans are for the LG TV platform?

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I still can't see all my playlists on the LG TV. Only some now show which is an improvement to none I suppose.  Problem with playlists since Jan.   Tried EVERYTHING.   Spotify are no help.  Not my wifi, not my my account, tv itself is great.  Can only pin it on the Spotify app.   

++many! - I completely agree with this! I have a LG WebOS 4K smart tv and the Spotify app is very sub par:


-I Cannot search my saved Albums. 

-I Cannot search my saved Artists.

-No spotify created playlists load - they *all* sit at 'Loading...' on screen.


As a paid premium subscriber I think there should be more support for this existing app. Please communicate your plans for this platform (LG and WebOS) and either provide a software update or put everyone out of their misery. 

Experiencing the same issue everyone else is complaining about with Spotify not loading playlists and also not being able to search music on my SmartTV. Started roughly around February this year.

I have a LG Smart TV model 47LB6300

I have confirmed that my firmware is as up todate as my model will allow, as well as my WebOS. There doesn't appear to be a way to reload to delete the app and reload it. Frustrating. I have logged out and logged back in, which does nothing. I've even logged in with a different profile. Nada.


The app on my Samsung Galaxy S7 works fine, except when it connect to my Sync, which is a whole other issue for another thread. =/

I had posted here earlier on this topic and am sending an update to the group (for what it's worth).  The app now magically "works" on my LG TV - which is about 14 months old or so.  My best guess is Spotify programmers are fixing it on a brand-by-brand (TV) basis - but I have no idea.  Anyway, good luck everyone.


Dear Spotify staff: I still find it hard to believe that a customer support person hasn't at least posted some kind of detailed status update here - or at a minimum let everyone know the problem is being addressed as a priority.  You could tell us which TVs work, which TVs do not work, what you're doing to fix it, what updates we need to install if any, etc, etc.  In other words - very basic customer service functions that good companies did for decades before the internet destroyed communication skills.  I hope someone from your management team is reading this thread.

Today I reinstalled Spotify on my LG OLED B6V, and got a message that said the app would stop working soon. Spotify stops supporting my TV?

I didn't reinstall the Spotify app for webOS but got the same message when starting the app. After months of silence from Spotify, it seems it no longer wants to maintain its services for webOS TV unfortunately.

I just now installed Spotify on my new LG TV. I saw a message; Spotify will soon be unavailable on WebOS.

Very upset to find a message on my LG tv to say spotify will soon no longer be available on my tv very sad only reason i have this tv !

Spotify should inform people if it will work on LG webOs or not.. so we decide to cancel with spotify.. spotify dont have the right to charge us without any service..

I used this service, and again like you guys found it frustrating that dynamic playlists would not sure up , but static ones did. For example i had to create a separate playlist for discovery weekly myself and copy the music accross so that the system would see them. Pointless now anyhow as i have to use my amazon fire stick to play via my tv. Irritating as **bleep** as you dont have the magic wand on the fire stick, you can use the app on the phone i suppose and that links to the firestick but didnt link to webos.



The app now simply display a message saying, 'This app is no longer available', and refused to start!

It's a sad journey with webOS and Spotify.



after you have disabled the app @ WebOS2.0, your documentation says 


You can also use Spotify on select WebOS TVs. This includes both Full and Ultra HD TVs."

Can you provide a list of supported WebOS TV's? Any other way of using Premium Spotify on WebOS2.0?  Quite disappointing move, not making Spotify available via different methods, once you have decided to disable it!





I just bit the bullet and subscribed to premium after debating for quite some time.

Just to see that the Spotify app is not available any more. It was available just 2 months ago!

Then I tried to play spotify from the browser of my tv, but it says it requires Flash. This is bollocks, because on my pc even if I disable Flash the web player works. It's fully javascript.



@__spo__ wrote:

On top of this, Spotify will also be removed from LG TV systems as we work on improvements. We hope to have a better version of Spotify on these in future. Watch this space!

More info on this, please. When is your target date and what is the targeted webOS version.


This has left a real bitter taste in my mouth.

If within the free premium period there is no word or real progress I will not be keeping the subscription.

I agree, it is a very sad story that Spotify Connect is still not available on LG TVs (WebOS).


I was quite disappointed when the oficial app was deactivated and I could not use Spotify via my LG TV anymore. 😞

Yeah, what a ridiculous situation: says:

"Spotify on LG

As we look to improve the overall Spotify experience, we removed our app from LG TV systems on July 3rd 2017. We hope to have a better version of Spotify on these devices in future. For more information, and for other ways to stream to your TV, check this out."

Surely it would have been better to at least leave the app active until the new one is released, as it could at least play playlists, i.e. this would be better than nothing. In the meantime we have nothing, including not even being able to use the Spotify webplayer as the browser in WebOS doesn't support flash!

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