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LG Webos truly disappointed

LG Webos truly disappointed

I bought lg webos 3.0
I cant link my cellphone with spotify. I have a lot of apps that work perfectly but not spotify.
I cant look for playlist
I cant look for users
I cant explore
I cant do radios.
The question is why i am paying spotify, if i can do the same with youtube and let me use my mobile.

When are you going to fix this?
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Hey @jlpetracca, thanks for bringing this to our attention.


Can you check if your LG WebOS 3.0 has any firmware updates available? Also, when you go to the Spotify app on your TV and try to look for a song or an artist, do you receive any specific error messages?  Some pictures of the issue would be super helpful.


We'll be waiting for your reply 🙂

I have the lastest WebOs, it the app that is not developed.

You can only search artist, songs or albums.

As I told you later, you cant look for playlist, users, explore. Also you cant pair with you mobile.

Really disappointed.

It also has google music and that features are working. But I want them over spotify, i dont want to migrate my user

I need a solution!

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