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Lagging on new Samsung Premium Tv

Lagging on new Samsung Premium Tv

Hi Ive got a problem with playing music on samsung tv app. 

It happends on multiple tv's (othrr houses of family included) 

While Music is playing The app sometimes struggle to Play smoothly. I mean that song likes to pause like for A half second nad then plays normal until the next time. Sometimes it happens after few minutes. Sometimes after few songs. 

I would like to notice that its not only my problem. 

It also happens on plasystation of my friend.


It stilo happens when The soundbar  (samsung n650) is Connected or not.

Internet : 1gb/s fiber






Samsung 65q70r / 55nu8072 x2 / galaxy s9+

Operating System

Tizen 5.0


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I am also having this issue on Samsung UA65NU8000.

TV is connected via ethernet and it doesnt matter if I stream using spotify connect or play using the tv controls directly.
Short dropouts every few minutes make spotify pretty much unusable for me. Nothing else on the tv has an issue. It is limited to spotify.

I experience the same on my 2019 samsung TV with 400/400 ethernet, all other devices play just fine.

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