Last Fm offline scrobbling

Last Fm offline scrobbling

Hi guys 



my last fm does not scrobble offline when I'm logged in in two devices and one is online and the other offline, it does not scrobble the offline one 


and also does not scrobble when both are offline, I connected both with last fm 

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The only Spotify app that has an offline scrobble cache is their desktop client. Neither their mobile apps nor their web player can cache offline scrobbles, furthermore the web player doesn't have any internal scrobbler. It might work with the official Android app when you enable Spotify scrobbling in its settings, but then you have to disable it in the Spotify Android app, otherwise you will get duplicate scrobbles.


There is a new Spotify Scrobbling (Beta) feature by which you can enable on your Applications settings page, but it doesn't cache offline scrobbles either.


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