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[][Spotify Connect] Double scrabbling when using Spotify Connect (Wi-Fi device)

[][Spotify Connect] Double scrabbling when using Spotify Connect (Wi-Fi device)




New Zealand


HP Laptop; Goodmans Heritage II

Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

Issue: Almost all scrobble is doubled when I'm listening through the Spotify Connect and using a third-party device like Goodman Heritage II. When listening normally, there are no issues. In the screenshot can see that it looks like that most of the time the track is scrobbled by in the beginning and at the end of the track, but not always. Sometimes another track in appears after 2-3h, but sometimes immediately. In one point it looks like that there is not applied scrabbling rule that the track should have listened 50% before scrobbled. For this makes me think, that you can see, that the same track is scrobbled Today and Yesterday but in this case, the track was continued to listen.

Connection to Goodman device is made through the WiFi, not Bluetooth.

Sometimes I'm listening through Bluetooth for other devices but there are no issues.

As well, the issues appeared only when Spotify created a connection with directly not setting on the specific device. Previously, there wasn't possible to track 3rd party Spotify Connect devices anyway, what makes sense as theoretically you can have more than 1 device on simultaneously with Spotify. screenshot.png


I actually reviewed all related issue posts, but none of them helped me as well are slightly different issues.


What I tried:

- Made sure, that all my devices have the latest Spotify.

- I checked that all of my devices don't have any 3rd party app.

- All my Spotify accounts don't have the old connection with

- Tried to close Spotify on my desktop after connecting to the WiFi device.

- Used online option on Spotify to disconnect from all my devices, to make sure, that if I forgot about any device where could be some other old settings.


Many thanks!

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