Listening to Spotify on Echo AND Dot


Listening to Spotify on Echo AND Dot


I bought an echo - so my wife wanted one too - so I bought her a dot  😉

"Amazon music on Echo" was not working for me - the voice recognition is just not good enough - and I would rarely get the music I aksed for (I have a pretty clear voice, the tech just is not up to the task). This means I am locked out from the music I am paying the subscription for. 


So I signed up to Spotify (I am in the trial period). 

It seems that I cannot listen to my music on my Echo and my wife listen to her music on the Dot at the same time - not only that, but one overrides the other. This is leading to an enevitable family bloodbath. 


So, my question is - is it possible to listen to my music on one device and someone else listen to their music on another device on the same account? (I simply cannot afford two accounts) 


If the answer is no, then sadly Spotify is not a solution for me. 

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