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Location/Licensing Notification, Support on The Topics

Location/Licensing Notification, Support on The Topics

Licensing/Location Notification, Troubleshoot/Support

Why is it that users aren’t notified, Beyond the obvious compensational benefit, that Spotify has been taking advantage of its users(who may not realize, on limited connections; whether it be wifi/mobile data) by not informing them of tracks added/downloaded to playlists/devices in countries in which they aren’t ever going to be able to be played in due to hidden licensing/location issues. I feel that end users should be notified when a track isn’t going to be available to them, and in turn should also NOT be available for download, as is this a direct waste of data.. Also, these downloads contribute to sales projections and represent a lot of the data(Downloaded once, played never....) that a company like this utilizes to produce/provide its content, and structure(s), affecting artists indirectly. With that being said I don’t feel that these tracks/albums should be available for download in countries in which users aren’t going to be able to experience them.. May as well have bought an old collection of scratched CD’s..



Secondly, Why is there no diagnosis or troubleshooting tools to diagnosis this when contacting Spotify? Upon doing so I was instructed by a representative from spotify, if i would like to troubleshoot, that It would require another individual with a different account, in order to verify that these tracks were indeed available in my country and that it wasn’t something going on with licensing/location issues, or my device itself..... 

This seems pretty unorthodox/professional, not to mention the fact that I am now having to report these issues on this community myself, rather than said representative taking them to someone who could actually have them dealt with... 


The example below is one of many albums, downloaded to both my iphone, and my laptop that I am experiencing issues with. On my phone, the songs simply skip over to the next in the playlist available, on my laptop; playback stops completely with the blue ribbon at the top suggesting unavailability and to import the file for the track if i wish to proceed with it specifically....


Anyway, just a bit off the top of my mind. Hopefully it gets to the right people in the right places and improvements can be made to improve the end user experiences. Thanks for your consideration 

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