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Locking Accounts from playing specific podcasts

Locking Accounts from playing specific podcasts

Hello Fellow Spotify Podcast Listeners,


I recently ran into an issue where I was listening to the Distractible podcast and upon going to the next episode, it simply would not load at all. I had waited about 20 minutes to see if it would at least load anything at all and it did not. I tried using both Wi-Fi as well as cellular data but this made no difference. I tried downloading the podcast to see if I could listen to it after downloading but it would not download at all. I tried streaming through different devices such as my phone, web browser, and desktop application for Windows but this did nothing. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the application to clear out any old caches, but this did nothing. I tried uninstalling, restarting my phone and PC (for the desktop application), and reinstalling but this did nothing. I looked around a little and it appears that if you are unlucky enough to be picked by RNG your account gets selected as being locked out for listening to a podcast you were listening to at the current time. If unable to create a new account and pay for a new subscription, what should I do?



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Hey @bochantin50,


Thanks for posting on the Community. 


We moved your post from Chat to the relevant Help board, where it fits better.


In order to check this further, could you send us the URI of the Podcast show you're trying to play/download?


Also, let us know if this happens with other Podcasts.


We'll be on the lookout for your reply.  




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