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Log out remotely on Ps

Log out remotely on Ps






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I don't know which (It's the one thats on the Playstation 4)


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So I sold my Playstation 4 with my playstation account, but my spotify was linked to that account, I don't have access to the playstation neither to the playstation account, but the person is listening music on my costs, is there any way to log them out? I already asked the person to do that but he won't...

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Hey @ParkwegCIty,

Thanks for positing on the Community. I'd recommend following these steps here and that should do the trick, if not you'll need to reach out directly to Sony Playstation Support and run through their Support team.

  1. Head to this link which is the Playstation Home Page and Sign in
  2. At the top left of the page, click "Services" and then click "PS Music."

  3. On the "Manage Your Spotify Link" page, you should see your Spotify account which you linked with the PS account

  4. Then follow the link to start the unlinking process.

If that fails, you'll need to reach Playstation Support as I previously mentioned to help with the process and you can find their info here.


Take care,


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