Logging Problem with squeezebox after switching to premium


Logging Problem with squeezebox after switching to premium

I sucessfully tested the spotify free account for the free 48 hours test period with my squeezebox Touch and Radio devices. After that I switched to the 30 days Test premium membership, entered sucessfully my payment and got the Mail confirming that i have a premium membership now. But the squeezebox devices won't connect anymore giving the error message "User name or password invalid". I have requested to set the password for the device code again, but no sucess. I think it is a Problem with the spotify Servers.
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i had the same problem...had to log in through facebook and generated a number!



Important note: The solution provided here is not a real solution. According to Spotify it is only possible to use it on one Squeezebox at a time. As soon as you start syncing it will not work. If it works, it is by accident. The claim that it is because of license issues. From my perspective this can't be correct as e.g. Napster works perfectly on all synchronized squeezeboxes.


For German speakers, here is the response I received:


"Wenn Sie auch bis zu 3 Geräte mit Spotify benutzen können, ist dies nur

nacheinander und niemals gleichzeitig möglich (Hintergrund sind

urheberrechtliche Überlegungen). Dann können Sie nur eine Squeezebox

betreiben, wenn ein anderes Gerät eingestellt wird, schaltet sich das

erste wieder aus. (Das ist auch bei den Mobiltelefonen der Fall.)"


Asking again why it worked in the test phase I received this one:


"Derzeit ist es leider nicht möglich, mehrere Squeezeboxes zu betreiben. Wenn
das in Ihrer Probephase möglich war, ist dies eher als grosse Ausnahme zu



Thanks ggabriel for the information. I have been having the described issue with two squeezebox radios. Everytime I start playing on both (sync'ed), I get the username/password error. When I un-sync and then re-sync, both radios play the music. But the next time I want to play music, I have to re-do this entire process, which is VERY cumbersome.


To be honest, this is a huge issue for me. I used Mog with my squeezeboxes and and now moving to Spotify because it is one of only a few options. The inability to use two or more squeezeboxes is enough for me to move to Rhapsody (available in US only I think).