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Logging in to Denon

Logging in to Denon

Today, after using spotify for several months on my denon avr 2113, I suddenly got logged of and can not log on anymore. I've been using my fb account so far, so I tried using a spotify account, as you apparently need to do on other receiver brands. This didn't work either. Has anybody encountered the same issues (and knows how to solve them maybe)?

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welcome to the evergrowing Denon+Spotify=FAIL club.

And don't expect to get a meaningful answer from Spotify or Denon, it's been months we're knocking in vain...

Best part is when spotify tells you to use their support page...which doesn't even include Denon in the listed vendors, epic...

btw you'll see some Denon colleagues with similar problems on this kinda collective thread


add yourself to the list if you feel like it, who knows, maybe someone from Denon/Spotify will feel concerned at some point and will DO something instead of vaporware promises that usually last some years...

Thanks for the advice. Not really giving me hope for the futere, but it's nice knowing I'm not the only one having these problems. One might think this will create some sence of urgency with denon/spotify to fix these problems. 

BTW, this particular problem was solved quite simply in the end, by unplugging/resetting both my router and my receiver.

But I'll definitely add myself to the thread to get and share some advice for future problems.

Hello everyone,


I've had the same problem. It took me two Denon receivers, 50 € for additional network hardware and two weeks of devoting all my spare time to it.

Aside from the things you can read all around in all kinds of forum ( Disconnect from AC power, reset Denon network stack, reset the whole unit (and having your ears hurt from too many audyssey calibration beeps), having the internet routers firmware updated, delete the playlists with > 1000 songs, have Spotifys support supply you with an test account, buy a new receiver (optional)), 

I simply connected my receiver (now the one with the model number twice as high) to spotify via another internet provider.

I. e. I turned on the portable hotspot on my mobile phone and plugged the receiver into a WLAN Bridge.

You just need to log in once, and after plugging the receiver back into the internet router it still worked, and the login is no bother anymore.




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