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Logging into Spotify via Sonos

Logging into Spotify via Sonos

I recently setup sonos for a family member. They were not yet a premium Spotify customer. So we signed them up for a premium account. Spotify you can thank me later for the referral. Once signed up for the premium account we realised we didn't have a device password because it was via Facebook. So we emailed SPotify for the device password. In the meantime because we were eager to get started i logged into my spotfy account via their sonos system. We now have the device password but I can't figure out how to logout of my Spotfy account on their Sonos system and then login using their user details. Please help because now when they use their sytem it pauses my system and vice versa if we are both using Spotfy at the same time because there are too many devices using the same account. It is not practical to check in with each other before we use Spotfiy because I am based in London and they are based in the US and also because we are both paying premium customers. Please help me figure out how to log them out of my account and into their account via Sonos. Thanks 

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This is taken from the Sonos online help and refers to the desktop controller software for PC or MAC:


Replacing a music service account

You may want to update your Sonos system to use a different music service account, for example, someone in your household may have a premium version of a music service.

  1. From the Manage menu, select Service Settings.

  2. Select the music service you wish to replace.

  3. Choose one of the following:

    • On a PC, click Replace.

    • On a Mac. click dcr_cog_btn.png, and then select Replace Account.

  4. Enter your music service login and password, and then click Next.


If you have instead the separate controller or the app for Andriod/iOS there are instructions here:

Listening on Windows, Android and Sonos. Tweeting it at @davelicence

Thanks received this via email from Spotify which worked.


To log out of your account you should just be able to go under the tabs at the top of the sonos system, press manage> service settings. From there, on the left hand side press services. Your family member should see your account under there. All they have to do is select 'remove' when your account is selected. and then add their account under the same tab by pressing 'add' and then going through the setup wizard.

You can see screen shots of this process here :

Here is a solution to your problem

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