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Losing offline tracks due to default storage setting being restored.

Losing offline tracks due to default storage setting being restored.

I have a Samsung A5 2016, last few days I have noticed my tracks disappearing due to I believe the storage setting being reset to the phone itself rather than me picking sd card. It's doing my head in? Help please!
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Hi @JeffJT, welcome to the Spotify Community!


Could you let us know your operating system and the Spotify version you're using? Did this happen after your phone restarted or your battery died? If you have any cache-clearing apps installed on your device, your downloaded tracks might be affected. Let us know if you have any!


We'll be waiting for your answer.


Many thanks for the reply and sorry for the delay. I had got round this or so I thought by downloading all my favourite music and then going off line.

However Spotify was updated tonight without me knowing and it's done it again. Everything gone and has to be re downloaded. Storage device yet again gone back to default of the phone and not sd card.

Do have cache cleaners and they have no effect on my Spotify settings or music. It's your updates???

Spotify version and Android 6.0.1

Think I have had enough now and will stop the monthly fee. 😞



Ps Phone has not been restarted or battery dead.



Just another update, I have lost everything under an upgrade to version

Hi, I am having the same issue repeatedly... Set storage to SD card and download some music.  Within a couple of days the storage is back to phone and the music is gone.  This is getting really annoying.


My phone is a Huawai P8.  No dead battery.  Have restarted the phone when Bluetooth connection to car stereo played up.

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