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Losing tracks from playlists

Losing tracks from playlists

I have been creating a "best of" playlist for every year since 1961 but have recently noticed that some tracks I had added to the playlists have disappeared.


I noticed this because all the tracks by my favourite band, Magazine, are no longer available on Spotify.


This is obviously a licensing issue. If this is resolved, do the tracks automatically reappear in those playlists? Or will I have to search for them again?


Also, why doesn't Spotify notify you when tracks disappear? This would be a good function. Also notification when they are available again.








2 Replies

Hey @lindsc1


I recommend enabling "Show Unavailable Songs In Playlists" to see all songs, both greyed out and available ones in your playlists.

You can find the setting in Preferences. Click the downward arrow to the right of your username, click Settings, scroll down to Display options and turn that switch green.


The songs should become playable again (return to your playlists).


I suggest leaving feedback about notifications on this Idea thread. 🙂


I have had many greyed out tracks over time, most have returned.


Hope this helps, have a nice day!

Thank you so much for your suggestion. Exactly what was needed.
You wouldn't also happen to know why I seem to have lost the ability to tick tracks I like? ie I am unable to change the + sign to a tick.

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