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I have Spotify account for 4 months and for half month I've had problem with saving albums. At the beginning, some albums were saved, some lost, I had not consider it, but then problem have been repeating time and again. Now I can't save any album, (playlists are saved), one time I've lost 50 albums after closing Spotify. When I'm using Spotify on Android - I close Spotify and playlists are gone, on Internet Spotify they are saved for one second and gone. On Windows 7 situation is the same as on Android. I have already written to Spotify support, but I'm waiting two weeks and they know nothing. Please, could you help me?



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There must be something wrong with your account and asking for support is the only solution. Are you sure you fill the report here: ?

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yes, I'm sure. I'm waiting for an answer from Spotify Support.


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