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Lost playlists and folders that contained them

Lost playlists and folders that contained them


Approximately two days ago I lost all my playlists and the folder structures that contained them - there were about 50 playlists that I remember having.  


When I log into the recover playlist feature on the website, there were only 5 or so playlists that I could recover.


I just logged on to the Spotify mac client, and managed to see all my old folders and playlists briefly, before it was updated to the server and then they were gone again.


Is there a way to get these back?  Thanks so much for your help!



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Hi @mrderek! Thanks for writing on the Community.


Can you let us know which device and Spotify version you're using? Can you also make to sure to log into the right account on your device to see if you can find your playlists?



Keep us posted.







Thanks for the info @mrderek!


Can you log into your account on our web player to see if you're able to see all your playlists? It might also be worth trying to reinstall your apps by following these steps.


Let us know how it goes. 



So here's another update - I logged onto that windows machine and the folder structures were there for a very short time before it refreshed with the server - but I was able to load one of the folders and found the playlists were still there, but no longer linked with my profile - I mean it said they were, but were no longer in my playlists lists (if that makes sense)


Here is one such URL:


But this doesn't come up in my profile anymore.  Is there a way that someone can re-link these lost playlists back to my profile? (Ideally in the folders they were in)


Thanks again for your help!




PS: I tried the web player and reinstalling for Windows, but no luck - it seems the error is server side? Thanks again.

Thanks for the extra info @mrderek!


It's odd that this happens. Just to clear things up, when you say the playlists are no longer linked with your profile, does it mean they're under a different username?


The best thing to do here is get in contact with the support team. They'll be able to check if anything's going on with your account or the playlists. You can reach them on Facebook or Twitter at @SpotifyCares or via email here.


Let us know how it goes!

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