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Loud buzz while listening

Loud buzz while listening

I'm using an Acer Chromebook and the Spotify website. I'm playing tracks typically on max volume, so I assumed it could be the earphones. But YouTube and local files work just fine. And while it happens more frequently while I'm doing other things at the same time, it still happens quite often as I stay on the page not doing anything else. Help to solve this please? 

Note: I've typically heard it more often on lower or "harder" songs like from acts like Babymetal and Metallica, but I can still get it with higher acts like Cody Simpson, Drake Bell, and Justin Timberlake.

2 Replies

Hey there!

Hmm, if you use the desktop app, does the same happen?

Also, can you give it a go from a different account?

Do you have any games on the background?

Keep us posted.

I don't have the desktop app, not sure if you can get it on this device. I don't have a different account. And no, I do not have other games. But other streaming sites tend to be open, and I could at times, have 10-20 tabs open. It's just that I never had this problem before.

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