Loud volume ads


Loud volume ads


I'd like to report seeing this issue in a number of ads in the Mexico City market. The ad volume is disproportionately higher in comparison with the volume of any music I might have been listening to. The main culprits in this case are a couple of ads by Citibanamex promoting two forthcoming shows in the city (Florence + the Machine and Billy Idol). I'm attaching screenshots below. Although right now I'm only reporting two ads, I've noticed that most of the ads produced by Citibanamex follow this trend of being too loud.


spotifyad.PNG spotifyad2.PNG


What are Spotify's guidelines for ad volume for those who want their ads to go up on the platform and how are they enforced? Sometimes it feels like companies compress their ads beyond reasonable limits in order for them to be noticed above the music and other ads, but it gets to the point where it causes physical discomfort to listen to them, and it feels rather irresponsible from both sides. I would hope for stricter regulations regarding ad submission and better quality control and content review for ads hoping to be broadcasted. Hopefully the ad can be modified or removed and stiuations like these can be prevented before the ads go live.

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Hey folks,


Thanks for reporting these ads here!


Could you make sure to provide us with the following details (feel free to use this as a template):

  • Country: 
  • Device the ad appeared on:
  • Operating system:
  • Exact Spotify app version:

  • Is it a visual or audio ad?

  • Name of ad:

  • Rough time/date you heard the advert:

  • Reason for complaint:

Once we have that, we'll make sure to pass it on to the right team.



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Dear MafeG,

"this is not a general issue"?! 

Perhaps you're new here.  A quick search of this forum reveals Spotify users from multiple continents begging for help with this problem going back to at least 2013.  It's the poster child for general issues.

Obviously someone in Spotify management decided that loud commercials are good for business, perhaps reasoning that they motivate people to migrate to paid subscriptions.  That might work on a few people, but as far as I can tell, the loud ads just make your customers angry.  They certainly don't make me want to give you money.

I understand ad revenue is one of the ways Spotify pays the bills.  I'd gladly tolerate commercials with volume levels normalized to the music.  Unfortunately, numerous requests for Spotify to stop its obnoxiously-loud ads have yielded no results.  So now I use an ad blocker, and in place of loud commercials, I hear sweet silence.  Aaah, so nice.

That what you wanted?

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This is certainly not a general issue.
This issue reveals itself on:

- my phone
- my computers
- my wifes phone and computer
- my familie their phones and computers
- etc

just close this silly thread with a clear answer to your users that Spotify
either doesn't **bleep** or it is a deliberate action to get people to
pay for Spotify.

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Thank you for responding back... but please take the time to go over hundreds of complaints over this and many others threads from people all around the world, regarding the same issue. Definitely more than and issue is an strategy from spotify... is spotify not noticing that is making everyone angry?, that this affects the hearing?, that this has been open for many years and spotify seems to be surprised every time?, please don't play with people's intelligence.


EZBlocker is the actual solution.

This message will self-destruct (be removed by Spotify employees) in 5..4..3..2..1..

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As much as this seems great, they still earn ad revenue. Use another service for BEST results.


Is there any way for Spotify Quality Control team to monitor the volume levels of commercials? Some commercials come blasting over the speakers considerably louder than the songs themselves. For example - the swifter commercial and crest commercial are way louder. 

Unless - this is a Spotify tactic to annoy users and force them to use premium?


Food for thought...


I have stopped listening to all Spotify original podcasts(bye bye supernatural with Ashley flowers). Ads are COMICALLY louder than the show. Makes it impossible to listen to at night. It's clear, you want to get attention of listener, but this is disgusting. 


Hey @BurningBaboon,


Thanks for the post.


It would be great if you submit the above requested info so that we can report this to the ad team at Spotify 🙂


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Country:  USA

Device the ad appeared on: Oneplus 8t

Operating system: Android

Exact Spotify app version:


Is it a visual or audio ad? Audio


Name of ad: Unsure. All of them. I specifically remember Nintendo, Ashley Furniture, TMobile


Rough time/date you heard the advert: 8-9pm local


Reason for complaint: ads significantly louder than podcast

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Hello Mr. Baboon, I sorry that Alex cannot help around here and is wasting your time.

Nothing gets passed on to anybody and nothing gets done.

(I seriously think that 'Alex' is a bot because there is no useful info give out by it)


But don't worry! There IS A FIX for spotify's loud ads!!


And it's a simple two step process!


Step 1:  Uninstall Spotify

Step 2: Install any other streaming service


And like magic! The excessively loud ads are gone!!

No more ads blowing your speakers or your ear drums!!


This process is so simple and works so well. I love it!!


Your all welcome 🙂


Hi folks,


Thank you for posting on this thread.


Since these reports are handled individually, the teams in charge need to look into each case separately. This is why we ask for the specific information. 


@BurningBaboon We do appreciate the info you sent, we passed it to the advert team to look into it. Please make sure to keep your app updated so you don't miss any fixes or features.


We'll be on the lookout. 

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Why do you refuse to report back about the ads reported ads that have been fixed?

People want to know you are actually doing something. PROVE IT.

When someone posts the complaint, report back (IN A TIMELY MATTER) that that single ad was fixed accordingly.

You have the exact information YOU'VE requested. Should be pretty straightforward to find/fix the ad.

But it's not. never.... ever!


I still stand by my statement awhile back that you guys do NOTHING to fix the ads. You think you are appeasing people with this, but you are not. It's a horrible business practice and I will NEVER support you just because of that. Other should too.


You forcefully up the ad volumes to either **bleep** people off, or force them to pay up to remove the ads.




 And why people still support you is absolutely beyond me.

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I totally agree. I have left spotify - will never ever use it


Please stop allowing Arby’s ads to play on this platform. They are so loud and annoying, and there are SO MANY of them.