Loud volume ads


Loud volume ads


I'd like to report seeing this issue in a number of ads in the Mexico City market. The ad volume is disproportionately higher in comparison with the volume of any music I might have been listening to. The main culprits in this case are a couple of ads by Citibanamex promoting two forthcoming shows in the city (Florence + the Machine and Billy Idol). I'm attaching screenshots below. Although right now I'm only reporting two ads, I've noticed that most of the ads produced by Citibanamex follow this trend of being too loud.


spotifyad.PNG spotifyad2.PNG


What are Spotify's guidelines for ad volume for those who want their ads to go up on the platform and how are they enforced? Sometimes it feels like companies compress their ads beyond reasonable limits in order for them to be noticed above the music and other ads, but it gets to the point where it causes physical discomfort to listen to them, and it feels rather irresponsible from both sides. I would hope for stricter regulations regarding ad submission and better quality control and content review for ads hoping to be broadcasted. Hopefully the ad can be modified or removed and stiuations like these can be prevented before the ads go live.

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Hey folks,


Thanks for reporting these ads here!


Could you make sure to provide us with the following details (feel free to use this as a template):

  • Country: 
  • Device the ad appeared on:
  • Operating system:
  • Exact Spotify app version:

  • Is it a visual or audio ad?

  • Name of ad:

  • Rough time/date you heard the advert:

  • Reason for complaint:

Once we have that, we'll make sure to pass it on to the right team.



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Every time the Mossy Nissan ad comes on I need to rip my earbuds out of my ears, it's incredibly loud and sharp
and there's no warning, either, just jumps right into it "MOSSY NISSAN! Mossy moves YOU!"


Every single ad in Germany is louder than the music. That makes them too loud by default. Why? Because I already listen to music at higher volumes.


Instead of going through the hassle of pin-pointing specific ads, all you have to do is make all ads subject to normalization. I use headphones. Do you seriously think your ads won't be loud enough? Seriously?


The only reason I am looking for third-party solutions is because of the ear-piercing volume of those ads, not because of the ads themselves. I don't mind listening to them. Ask yourself the following: Do you really think it's a good idea to damage our ears when your product relies on our ability to hear in the first place?


Please normalize ad volume so they won't be louder than the music we listen to. The way you're doing things right now is counter-productive.


That's what I also said.
Why do we need to reports loud ads?
Spotify has all the tools to spot them themselves.


Name of ad or product that was being advertised.: Mobile On The Run, St. Louis, MO Market Rough time/date you heard the advert.: Afternoon, 6/8/2019 Platform the issue occurred on: Desktop Operating System: Windows 10 Version number of the Spotify app.:

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I began contacting the companies directly if their ads are too loud. Seems like they are a lot more pro-active. 


I don't want to waste my time doing this every day though, so I just installed an application that mutes the volume during ads..... silence is bliss. 



Can you tell us the name of this application?

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Search Google for "EZBlocker"



Name of ad or product that was being advertised.

Outpatient Center, Sussex Campus (Cancer Awareness)


Rough time/date you heard the advert.

6:50pm EST — June 18th, 2019


Platform the issue occurred on (eg. Mobile, PlayStation, Desktop, etc) 


Operating System (iOS/Android or desktop/Mac).


Version number of the Spotify app. (Windows Store version)

Additional Information:

—I was listening to Shinedown

—Link to the advertiser information can be found here


This ad was horribly loud compared to my music. I had my volume up pretty high, and the ad doubled in volume. Blew my ear drums out.

  • Name of ad or product that was being advertised. Hinge
  • Rough time/date you heard the advert. Every single day for the last week
  • Platform the issue occurred on: Mobile
  • Operating System. Android
  • Version number of the Spotify app.
  • Market: Australia

As I have communicated directly to Hinge, starting your ad with an ear piercing bleep without warning coupled with Spotify's insistence on raising the Ad volume 5-10db above previous track is causing actual hearing damage.


I am within a hairsbreadth of uninstalling permanently.


Why are the community mods lying? Think we believe it? This issue isn't being investigated. 

Please stop linking to that "resolved issue" thread. It's fake, and doesn't solve the issue. You guys are trolling your own community.


Obnoxiously loud Telus ad today around 10 Eastern in Atlantic Canada. Literally painful to my ears loud. Had to turn it my volume down by 40%


Also the Reese's movie ad Canada which came on  right after  uses  disruptive balancing to create the illusion of someone whispering in your ear which I hated. Please remove or change both ads, I actually quite listening for the day because I don't want to have my ears blasted or get creeped out by a whisper in my ear effect again today. Guess I will stream from Google Play for the next little while instead. 

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  • The market/ country you're in: San Diego, CA, USA
  • What the ad was for: Mossy Nissan
  • What music/ podcast you were listening to: Calming music meant to help me focus
  • Did it have disruptive sound effects like car noises? It's very loud compared to the music preceding it.
  • Version: for Windows 7

Where is the normalize volume option for ads that was reported implemented? I see it for songs, but not ads.



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Hey @spwnodarkness@AckermannSLG@es02@LordSpyx,


Thanks for reporting those ads to us 🙂


We've passed on the information you provided us with to the relevant team.


Take care!


 My problem is not ads, because they seem to respect the volume, but my problem is Sportify advertising itself.  I like music fairly loud, but my speakers get all fuzzy with "On The Regular" blasting.   While they have used this song for months (and I'm personally sick of it, but that is beside the point) it has only been somewhere in the last one or two months that it has caused speaker distortion, too.  


Edit: I spoke too soon.  Channel Chance commercial came on and that was horrible on my speakers (and ears)


Getting this as well. This one in particular is like double the volume of the music. I have to turn it down from 100% to like 40% every time it comes on.


I got normalize volume on, but it's obviously not working for this and some other ads run in the same area. Its the first one that plays every time there is an ad break and I'm sick of it.

Annotation 2019-08-08 224702.png

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I had a problem with Byju's app ad, the volume was too loud. I was using the web player. It continued till the spotify features that are put along with the ads.


I was listening to



In the Netherlands, add for Coolblue is way too loud


  • Name of ad or product that was being advertised: Coolblue
  • Rough time/date you heard the advert: 31-08 21:15
  • Platform the issue occurred on (eg. Mobile, PlayStation, Desktop, etc) 
  • Operating System (iOS/Android or desktop/Mac): Android
  • Version number of the Spotify app:

All ads in the Netherlands are to load.
All ads in general are to loud.
Spotify should normalize them all as they do with all the music

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Hey @bertje23,


Thanks for reporting that ad - we've passed on the info to the right team.


Take care!

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September 2019 on Mac Desktop I'm getting very loud ads from UMUC and Shopify among others


Screen Shot 2019-09-18 at 3.28.30 PM.pngScreen Shot 2019-09-12 at 2.31.35 PM.png