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Lyrics do not appear in the mobile app

Lyrics do not appear in the mobile app

Hi everyone,

I have a premium familiar account. All users except me can see song's lyrics. I tried to contact through Instagram and Google Play Store sending a message but I had no answer. 

Checking the forum, I see a plenty posts about the same problem: the lyrics can not be display on mobilephone. 

I wonder if Spotify or any representative can give us an answer or explanation, and why not a solution. We are premium users, we pay to Spotify for a service, and we need to be hearded. 

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Hi! I'm having the same problem with you. I have been using this app for like four years and my account is premium but I still haven't got the lyrics. I have contacted Spotify Support on email but they don't really help me with it. They said that the song's lyrics feature is new so we might not always see something new like other accounts have. But I think it's really unfair to me because I paid for it but the feature is not there. I'm kinda dissapointed 😞

Hey Rahmadelia!

At least you got this information. I read that some songs's lyric may not be available but not that the feature is not available for some accounts. 

I'm not quite sure but we can try to get attention by making a comment line about this post, maybe someone of Spotify staff can react, and gives a solution.

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