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Lyrics not showing anymore on my Smart TV after latest Spotify update

Lyrics not showing anymore on my Smart TV after latest Spotify update

I have a TCL Smart TV (Android) which has the latest updates. When I updated Spotify last week on the TV, it took away the lyrics option so they no longer appear on my TV, even though the lyrics show up on the Spotify app on my phone.
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Similar to above customers, allowing explicit language returned the lyrics icon on my TV, BUT also like above customer, I have 5 young children and allowing explicit content will not work for our family. I hope you can get this resolved as it was a great addition and my kids miss it. Thanks

The microphone icon in Fire TV desappear

One thing I noticed is my wife's account on the same TV shows lyrics and mine no longer does.  I've tried everything mentioned and no progress.

I have this issue too. Hisense tv or my Roku tv. Also on PlayStation 5 lyrics option unavailable.

I have the same issue. If explicit content is disabled then lyrics aren't available at all on the TV app. Enabling explicit content fixes it. Would be good to get this fixed as I too have young children for which explicit content is disabled but they're the ones that like the lyrics!

For the time being I have switched services. My young ones want the lyrics, but I'm not okay having explicit content on since songs get randomly added to our playlist. I've been with Spotify for years, but this latest update doesn't work for our family. 

Changing the explicit content also fixed mine. However it would be great if you all can go back to how you had it before where it didn't matter. I don't want my kids playing explicit content but  they really enjoy the lyrics on the screen

Same problem on LG TV with WebOS version 4.4.2-11

Turning on explicit content does NOT solve the problem for the kid's accounts in our case.
I tried removing accounts, reinstalling Spotify and rebooting TV, all done several times.

The unwanted feature is still being cached somewhere and I am unable to revert it (for kid's accounts).
However, lyrics are still available on my account, so the kids started to use my account which is obviously not a good solution.


Software fix would be highly appreciated. Thanks!


Hey everyone,


We're unable to provide an ETA for a fix at this time, but rest assured this will remain on our internal teams' radar.


Your feedback is greatly appreciated, thanks for sharing it here. In the meantime, make sure you're always running the latest version of Spotify so you don't miss out on any updates.

Take care.

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It also went away on my Roku TV

Same issue here too on my LG tv and Samsung TVs. Turning on explicit content did work however the main user of Spotify is my 5 year old so not an acceptable solution. Very keen to get this feature back as for the past couple of years it has massively helped her to read and she’s way ahead of others her age.

Sony too, update seems to have switched off lyrics and added videos

My explicit lyrics were on, but I turned them off and back on. I still can't see lyrics on my tv.

I'm having the same problem for the last few days on my LG C2 (software version 13.30.56) and Spotify (version 2024.04_22_2-1ec16db H 4.41.0)


It's very annoying as I have lyrics on both to avoid TV going into screensaver - and because I actually like learning the lyrics to the songs, I am listening to.


I have checked, that I am allowing explicit content.


Could service country setting have a say in this? I'm from Denmark.


I'm in UK with same problem so don't think its country related.

Same. We found the lyrics to be great for seeing and reading words. Please bring the lyrics back for non-explicit songs. 

  • Where did the screen for listening to a track go on the Android TV screen???! Previously it was, with artist icon and lyrics

Same problem. Can't see lyrics or any controls. I have a premium membership in Canada. 

Enabling explicit content on my phone, activated lirics on TV.

It has been almost four months since this thread was created. When will this issue be fixed?

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