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Majority of saved songs are gone

Majority of saved songs are gone







All devices I own

Operating System

All OSs I have


My Question or Issue

I just noticed that the vast majority of my saved songs are no longer in "My Library". Why would this happen? Is there a way to recover the state of my library? 

5 Replies

Hey @junr003l,


Welcome to the community! 



First, it's best to just double check you're logged into the right account. It can be quite easy to make a second account through Facebook, so the best thing to do is log out and back in again to be sure. 


Next, what looks like it's missing? Is it your songs, albums, artists or a bit of everything? Also, have you noticed that you've got anything new saved? 


Keep us posted, 


Hi! the same happened to me, part of my saved songs disappeared. I've checked what you said but the same.

Hey @Davidfortuny,


Can you let us know if you notice anything new saved you didn't add yourself?


And can you confirm you logged out and back in to make sure it's the right account? 🙂  


The problema is solved! I contact with one of your colegues. My account was hacked by another. Thanks

Hey @Davidfortuny,


Sorry to hear that happened, but we're glad that the problem is now resolved! 


If anything else comes up, we'll be right here.



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