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Mark a Song, Album, or Artist as "Don't Play"

Mark a Song, Album, or Artist as "Don't Play"

Whomever or whatever algorithm that picks songs to play after the album I've been listening to is doing a consistently bad job. It doesn't add things I've favorited, and instead adds a bunch of stuff I'd really rather not listen to.  Marking a handful of Artists as Do Not Play Unless Specifically Requested would be a great addition to my listening pleasure.  It's a fairly simple database add, one binary field, just like Favorite but acted upon oppositely.

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Hey there @ricbret,

Thanks for reaching out to the Community! We've moved your post to a relevant Help Board where it fits better.


We see where you're coming from and how the algorithm might be inaccurate at times. However, you can help it become better and better over time! If you don't like a song/artist from your Radio (that starts after an album) or from your personalized suggestions, then you can use the 3-dotted menu next to the song in question and choose "Hide this song".  Also if you tap on the particular artist name (below the song title) and visit his profile page, again on the 3-dotted menu, you can choose "Don't play this" to stop getting recommendations about that artist.

Keep in mind that the algorithm needs some time to reflect the change of preferences. You can expect them to be observable in one to three weeks time. More info on how to improve the playlists made for you, you can find here.


Hope this clears things up. If you have any questions or need anything else, the Community is here for you.

Kiril Moderator
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This does not work on the desktop

Hey @Hddavie!


Hiding songs only affects the playlist/album they are in as well as that particular device you're using. The option does not affect the desktop app and the Web Player at the moment, but there's this idea about syncing the feature to all platforms and all devices, which you may find intriguing, so feel free to check it out and give it a thumbs up to show your support - that way it has a better chance of being considered.


As for blocking artists, the Don't play this artist button can be found on the mobile app only, but its functionality will sync across all platforms and devices you're using.


Hope this clears things up. Cheers!

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Doesn't work on Desktop. Doesn't work for my Tesla.  Not a good solution - should be attached to account, not device.  

Not accepted as a solution to the problem as stated.

Seriously please add a right-click menu or the 3 dot menu is ok too,
"Do not play" > "Song, Artist" > "7days, 30days, Forever"

then add somewhere in the profile 'Blocked songs' in case you feel like unblocking a 'Forever' selected or if you feel like listening to it after 14 days when you chose 30 days.



To All apps including PC, MAC, iPhone, Android, Tesla

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