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Massive Lockout


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Today i was out of the university with a bunch of friends that we were hearing spotify as premium and free, first wile someone was hearing music for some reason it refreshes and lock him out, tried many times to login but nothing even from his phone. Then he checked the email that had made only for spotify to avoid all your **bleep** and saying "For security reasons you must change blah blah" and whatever... he did the reset and heard his music again, we said: ok that was random but after 15' another one get lockout while listening he goes to his email but had no email...(weird?) anyway... he tired request to change his password like he had forgot it, he did it it worked, after 20' happens to someone again, then to my girlfriend's account too... she was unable to recover it so she lost everything, it happened and to me after an hour and i reset it too my pass with out knowing the reason. Let me tell you to don't ask and start digging to fix it this stupid thing.

1. We had NO adblockers
2. NO vpn
3. NO the same Internet connection(everyone his own via 4g usb stick)

4. No viruses

5. NO any weird access of third person FOR SURE.

6. I changed my email with a new one and after 4 hours again the same thing.....


Can you please make a statement about our issue? I don't thing is random and you are messing us.




P.S. I am open to suggestions for other services who serves music because spotify has bacame a joke.

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