Massive Log in Issues with Confirmed emails.

Massive Log in Issues with Confirmed emails.


Personal: Premium

Rest of family and friends: Free




Personal Computer, Laptop, Smartphone

Operating System

Windows 10 pro (1803), Android Oreo


My Question or Issue

Most of us we have the same browser chrome(latest) and the some Firfox latest version. Even free or premium we all have the same issue, if i count my students too we are talking about over 50+ persons.

regularly spotify stops auto connecting even if it is set at the browser to do it and says to Login, we try to login and we get the "Invalid Password or Username". Then we go to "Reset Password" we add the password and longing in. But after 2-3 day does it again and the loop begun the same all over again and again. Also ALWAYS AAAAALWAYS we confirm our emails when we receive the confirmation email.

What to do? We all have personal computers, laptops or android phones and having the issue.

Most of the they thinking to give up Spotify and move on to a better service.

Just for your consideration it is impossible for all of us to be hacked and especially when we use 24 characters and symbols passwords.


What can you do about it?

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An update to our status.

Some of my students can't receive since yesterday email to reset their password and it is impossible to log in. So those they have free account will just go to another service, the majority of the students that are premium members they will ask refund since had no support.

I told them that you will not give them their money back but they had a great idea, they said they will add at the Law department of our university at "Licensed conveyancer's" students task for their study/practice and be evaluated by bring their issue in conflict with your department and they will follow their Teacher's advices to it.

Well i guess it is not bad to try.

Having the same problem about 2-3 months now with Chrome, Firefox Android.... it doesn't matter from where you listening your music it disconnects you with an auto refresh and try to login but it says wrong pass or username and have to reset it... i got it so many times this problem and today was the final because Spotify as a service and support doesn't do anything. Why locks you out without a message???? Don't get it.


Anyways i am tired and i will give up and find somewhere else to listen my music.

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