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Messages on mobile app rendered useless by redesign

Messages on mobile app rendered useless by redesign

Well, I'll admit that the new mobile redesign is pretty, but why did it have to break the already klutzy messaging service? The desktop client lists all songs sent to/from an individual friend in a single thread, making it obvious who sent what, and when, and makes it easy for me to find music I once sent to my friends, and to have a conversation about the music without even sending anything. It used to be that for whatever reason, only about half of my messages sent through spotify were mirrored in my facebook inbox, but I was willing to live with that. Now, the (awkwardly-placed) messages section on the mobile app separates every track/artist I've been sent into individual messages, has marked them alll as unread, and doesn't show anything I've sent. What. Why? This is a drastic step backward in functionality. Keep messages as conversations, not a jumbled, unsortable inbox, please.

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