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Microsoft Lumia 640 and Spotify Premium

Microsoft Lumia 640 and Spotify Premium

Sometimes my Spotify premium will stop working, offline playlists won't play and a popup appears which states I need to get a premium subscription which I already have. 


Is this a common issue? Never had this happen on my iphone or pc.

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I have a premium subscription and my Spotify only works on WiFi.

i have the same problem on my lumia. offline playlists disappear suddenly and songs stop playing after few seconds when i am online. Offline the songs just stop after the song or at the next one. but then i have the problem that my offline plalists disappear. its aweful!!! last windows update in feb '15!!!


btw... where is the crossfade option on the windows desktop version gone? 

I am paying for the premium account, but in this moment i'm thinking to switch to amazon music...

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