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Missing a Wiz Khalifa album

Missing a Wiz Khalifa album

In the process of making a playlist of pretty much all the music i can think of that i like.. on that list is Wiz Khalifa.. specifically the "Kush and OJ" album. Now I have found 3 songs from the 20 song album. (Mesmerized. Never Been. and The Statement) Mesmerized pulls up under Wiz and the other two i found under the artist Taylor Gang.. any idea why the rest of the album isnt available?

3 Replies

Spotify doesn't get a say as to what music is and isnt available, the record label gives them the music to put on there, if its not available then its something to do with the Label

Do you know if there is a function availbe to request particular songs/albums?

Now, in 2017, mezmerized, Never Been, or The Statement (IMO the best songs on the album and all you need for a playlist) are gone. But even earlier albums of Wiz's are still there. Doesn't make sense

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