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Missing functions in TV App (LG WebOS)

Missing functions in TV App (LG WebOS)

I have just downloaded the WebOS app of Spotify for my LG TV, but I am quite disapointed by it's funtionality?


* I can't browse favorite artists

* No Radio support


Am I missing something, or should I cancel my subscription again?

6 Replies

Very VERY disappointed. I have cancelled my premium subscription aldready with 30 minutes aftet activating it. Your app is a disaster...


* No browsing of favourite artists/albums

* No Radio

* 2 seconds pauze between numbers, making it impossible to listen to live or mix albums.


When I saw your ap appearing in the shop I was happy, cancelled my Deezer account and resubscribed to Spotify. But your app is even worse then the Dezeer one. But they at least have radio's & favourite artist browsing.

If this is the kind of apps you're releasing for TV's, then please don't bother....

The features you mentioned aren't available on any partner devices annoyingly, so it's not just on this platform.

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Indeed, I did some investigation, and it seems it's simply not supported by the API they use for this, so we will not see this feature in the near future.  I've switched back to Deezer which does support these functions on these devices.

Quite suprised that Spotify, who is kind of a market leader, simply doesn't support these basic functions. Too bad for the 10 euro's I've spend. 

I also think that the Spotify interface has been oversimplified in its LG WebOS incarnation.  If I am listening to a track from an album I miss the ability to see all the tracks in the album in the way that is possible on the PC version of Spotify by simply clicking on the album.

The app, including the WebOS 2.0-one, is a total joke. But hey, at least there IS an app for LG tv's.


I really wish Spotify would start focussing on bringing spotify to other devices than just pc's, phones and tablets. I'm thinking Android TV, KODI/XBMC, all Smart TV's etc. The thing is, they don't even have to make a specific UI for all those devices, just implement Spotify Connect and give it a 'Now Playing' screen.


Now that we're so used to controlling and managing Spotify from our phones/pc's/tablets (which is, tbh, far better than controlling it with a TV remote), let us just send that music to the devices we want/have our speakers connected to!

I found the same issue, and it's nearly 3 years later so I guess it's not going to get fixed.

Of all the things, the one I find the most annoying is that the search doesn't work if you include a space!  Really?  Most artists and virtually all song and album titles have a space.  You have to pick the word that you think is most unique and then scroll through a sometimes gigantic list.

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