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Missing playlists with device password

Missing playlists with device password



I have a problem with Spotifys devicepassword. My wife has a Spotify premium account that is tied to her Facebook account so she needs to use a devicepassword on a Squeezebox or UE Radio. The last couple of months her playlists are missing from the device. She can search for songs, but playlists are missing. On her iPhone and PC everything works fine. 


When I use my Premium accounts that has an e-mail login (no Facebook integration) playlists are working fine on both the Squeezebox and Ue Radio. 


I have reset the devices to factory settings, but the pattern is the same. Her login with a number ID and devicepassword does not show any playlists, but my username an password does.


This where working fine earlier this year.


As there is no way to change Facebook-login to a email login, it´s quite a pain to recreate all her playlists.

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