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[Mobile][Social] Group Listening

[Mobile][Social] Group Listening

Up until recently my friends could scan a Spotify code and join the playing group to add songs to the queue, for example.


This feature has been changed and you can no longer 'join and play music on same device', nor is there a code. I have to send the link each time.


I know this was a Beta feature, but Could we bring this back? It was the best feature at parties!

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Please spotify bring that feature back it was amazing.

Hi folks,


Thanks for sharing your feedback with the Community! Heads-up: we've moved this post to the Help board as it fits better.


Previously, Group sessions were local, meaning they were meant for users, who are located in the same place. That way, they were able to join the session by scanning a code and everybody could add songs to the queue as well as choose one device for playback. This feature has changed a bit as Group sessions are now remote, meaning that users can join a session even if they're not in the same place. Each user will be able to listen to the songs from their own account at the same time. This is why the code was removed as it's no longer necessary for all listeners to be located in the same place in order to join.

As of recently, there's this feature called In-Person listening which is similar to the initial variant of the Group session. Users on the same WiFi network can share control of what’s playing on Spotify Connect. To host a session, you need to connect to a device and toggle on Multiple people can join and control this speaker. Others can then join and add music to the queue.




Hope this info was useful. The Community is always here if there's anything else you need assistance with.


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Hello Yordan,

Is there any developer documentation available about this feature? I can not find anything about it...

Hey @LaitEauFr,


Thanks for the reply.

There is no documentation on this feature publicly available, but you can ask whatever you're interested in here and we will answer to the best of our abilities.


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