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Mobile and Desktop Recently Played Not Syncing

Mobile and Desktop Recently Played Not Syncing

My Mobile and desktop are not syncing — when I look at my recently played on mobile it’s completely different from when I look at the recently played on my desktop. It’s like that section is ‘recently played on this device’ and not fully ‘recently played’ - is that how it’s supposed to be?

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Hey @citybird27,


Apologies for the late reply here!

To start troubleshooting this issue, let's first check if you're logged in to the same account on both platforms! 🙂

Tip: You can verify this in your app settings and your libraries should have differences if you're using two different accounts.

If you're logged in correctly on both devices, check if the Connect function is working properly.

When on the same network, Connect will let you change the playback devices between desktop and mobile.
By doing this we'll know if the apps are actively communicating to each other.

Should this not be the case, I'd advise checking if you're not maybe using a VPN service, as this can be in the way of the app working normally.


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as simple as it means syncing listen history between computors and mobile ON THE SAME ACOUNT.

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