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More Female Country Artists Please

More Female Country Artists Please

The current Hot Country playlist by Spotify has only two female artists featured (two more are on collaborations).  This is unacceptable!  Looking at other contemporary country playlists by Spotify has similar issues.  A few weeks ago, the featured artist on the Hot Country playlist was a woman, but she only had one single listed.  You need to do better.  






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Thank you! I just searched this topic because I am baffled as to why there are maybe 1-2 female artists each week and sometimes an additional 1 or 2 on a duet. There are tons of charted hits by the ladies and so many great classic and new artists so it doesn't make sense at all. And even when they make it, they stay for just a week or two, where as some of the male songs stay for months and months. I love the Women of Country playlist, but I look forward to the updated Hot Country each week and would love to see more balanced representation! I know it's a problem in country radio in general, but Spotify could help be the change.

I wrote this weeks ago, and it isn't really any different on the radio.  It's a systemic problem.  Hopefully, Spotify will lead the way and rectify this by including more and more female artists on all of their country playlists. 


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