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Most of my artists have been moved to recommended artists and library scrambled

Most of my artists have been moved to recommended artists and library scrambled



My Question or Issue

The new "Recommended artists" section has caused my artists library to become tedious and unfriendly to use due to my artist library no longer being sortable with neither Recently Added or Name since more than half of the artists I previously had in the artists section have been moved to "Recommended artists". Currently I would have to add artists manually one by one to get them appear in the artists section, but the artists won't be in the original "Recently added" order I prefer. Is there a way to fix this? I don't want recommended artists I just want my artists section be restored and to be able to like songs from recommendations and have the artists appear in the artists just like before.

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Hey there!

I also find the new outfit of the library inconvenient. There was a large vote for bringing back the previous outfit of the library, but as the vote is now closed, it looks like the only option is to get used to the new outfit... Here's a link to the mentioned topic:

There's also a topic written by the staff, that describes the changes that have been made in the outfit of the library:

Hopefully this helps at least a little bit.

Can't believe there is not more than one way to view my artists.  If you're trying to alienate loyal subsribers like me and push us to other streaming services, you have succeeded.  In case you forgot, there are other options to spend my hard earned money that will provide a more enjoyable experience to browse my favorite artists nd songs. 

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