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Mp3 Players

Is Spotify Peemium supporting any mp3 Players?
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Hi. Not sure what you mean but....keep in mind that Spotify is mainly a streaming service. There is a feature where you can add your local files (mostly mp3 files) to sync them and play them on the platform as well. If you want to listen only to your local music files, it's better to use a mp3 player app instead of spotify.

He mean MP3 players, devices with no internet connection.


Spotify System Requirements


The following are the system requirements for using Spotify and accessing Spotify content through an installed app:

-- iPhone/iPad: iPhone 4 or above, iPad 2 or above, and 5th generation iPod Touch or above and with iOS 7 or above, with at least 100 MB free space and the iOS Spotify Music app (downloaded from the Apple App Store). 

-- Android phone/tablet: Any device that runs Android OS version 4.0.3 or above, with at least 500 MB free space and the Android Spotify Music app (downloaded from the Apps store of Google Play or, for Kindle devices, downloaded from the Amazon Appstore).

-- Windows phone: Windows Phone 8 or above, with at least 300 MB free space and the Spotify app (downloaded from Windows Phone Apps+Games store).

-- Mac computer: OS X 10.7 or above and the Spotify app.

-- Windows computer: Windows Vista, up to and including Windows 10, and the Spotify app.


In any case, a internet connection is necessary.

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