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Multiple accounts with upcoming Spotify connect

Multiple accounts with upcoming Spotify connect

Does anyone know how AV receivers and wireless speakers will be linked to Spotify when using the recently announced Spotify connect tech? The reason for asking is that my wife and I have separate premium accounts. Will we both be able to transfer our music to a compatible receiver at home using connect, or will the receiver need to be paired with a unique (and single) premium account? I realize that connect has not been released yet, but as I am buying a new AV receiver and and as I like the idea of connect this will most likely affect my decision on what to buy.
I read that with the Sonos system only one Spotify account can be set up with the speakers, resulting in the other person not being able to use the system at home while the account owner use it elsewhere (without the workaround of changing the account in the setting each time). If this is how connect will behave, I think I am better off with a solution such as what is presently implemented in the Marantz SR5008 (with its own control app for the account set up in the receiver, and with airplay from the other account when needed), but if the music from several premium accounts can be moved to the receiver in the way shown in the connect commercial on youtube, I would prefer this and probably get a Yamaha RX-V775 and wait for the promised firmware update to enable connect. (I read that Marantz would stick with their own app for their current line of receivers, while Yamaha would add connect through a firmware update.)

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Any information on the schedule of firmware releases ?!?

Not as far as I know. All I know is what was in the Yamaha press release at


which say that the 2013 lineup would receive an update,  and other media reports such as


Given that the updated Spotify apps (with the connect capability) does not seem to have appeared yet, I guess there would be no point in updating the receiver just yet. The media reports talks a lot about using Spotify on several different devices, but I have not seen anything so far on how and if it will work when several different people need to share a devise (such an AV receiver).

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