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Multiple artists named "Tea" mixed into one single artist page

Multiple artists named "Tea" mixed into one single artist page

On the artist page for "Tea", multiple artists with the same name are mixed into one. (spotify:artist:0olHgELPOU04EExvCvVmhW)


  • The swiss progressive rock band "TEA" with the albums "Tea" (spotify:album:5B1zFOPTMwPRlOYF1aErcj | spotify:album:0i1mikbNbIrEU7PEtxgLRy), "The Ship" (spotify:album:3PMs4gcpoLSqUXWip0y9y5), "Tax Exile" (spotify:album:7zfVf3tHCH1irJRQSbL4dt) and "Tea Reloaded" (spotify:album:5MLEZmuW6Jke7J6i04lPqv)
  • The finnish pop singer called "Tea" with the albums "Tytöt tykkää" (spotify:album:44xu9vMSWfe4jc1mMnw6Bn), "Hey C'mon!" (spotify:album:75MqMIDLdV1QoAAFffffCK), and "Mehudisko" (spotify:album:2F2Leopxe7RBfl9SSnuA60)
  • A Hungarian band, with the albums "Tea" (spotify:album:2Kz1yW1qpejx7ZZ66n216h) and "Showtime" (spotify:album:6QwSvA6D3elvxOUtOmWfN7)
  • A band with a female lead singer with the albums "Grand Cru" (spotify:album:1Jo2w5P6qZ5EqmM6r1BCIf), "TEA" (spotify:album:6kxsBOzn1p8zDHZvgqsicb), "this too" (spotify:album:1NT5FZPLdUbpzB0AqeeT3s) and "the blue album" (spotify:album:6ot71TL5pka4vjoBNyUYy1)
  • And finally, a (probably) French Electronic artist with "Voyages Du Jour" (spotify:album:08rPsbfaEUTkCbhPdmUtGB) and "Dreams" (spotify:album:2rTh5lSXKfh0ZV1Owqk0KH)


Would it be possible to split these artists?

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Hey @TheJanzap.


Maybe try submitting your issue here:


Hope this helps, let me know if you still need help.


Hey @TheJanzap.


Thanks for getting in touch!


Take a look at this page to see how you can report mistakes in a track or wrongly categorized artists.


Hope it'll get sorted soon. If you have further questions, please let us know.


Have a nice day!

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