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Multiple unavailable songs

Multiple unavailable songs




England, United Kingdom 


(iPhone XR)

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(iOS 14.7.1)


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Multiple songs have become unavailable for me and when I check with other friends they all have the songs available for them, this is all suddenly happened when I tried to look at my playlist and saw that a lot of songs on my playlists have become unavailable. I have restarted the app, my phone, reinstalled Spotify multiple times and nothing has changed.

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Hi there @sewerrat,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community and welcome!


That's odd. When a song is greyed out it means it isn't available, but since you mentioned that some friends of yours can still play them, could you let us know if your account is registered in the same country as theirs?


Additionally, could you check if those songs appear as available if you search for them outside of your playlists? This will help us understand if maybe this is related to the actual playlists.


Keep us posted.

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I’ve just found out that apparently my spotify settings set to block
explicit content though i’ve never changed it and this is the first time
it’s come up with this!
Did Spotify do any recent updates that could’ve possibly reset settings?
I apologise for all the fuss that I created just to find out it was the
settings! 😂

Hey @sewerrat,


Thanks for keeping us posted 🙂


Glad to heat that it worked out and the songs are no longer grayed out. 


The Community is here for you if there's anything else!




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