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Multiple users and Sonos

Multiple users and Sonos

Please help - Sonos and Multiple users issues, solutions needed.


Sonos only allows one Spotify account per Sonos control app, meaning we can only play through one Spotify account at home.  My understanding the only way around this is the remove Spotify account and add in the other persons account to play and do this each time, besides sharing play lists.


The bigger issue is if we it is a pain to keep changing and my g/f is playing Spotify through Sonos app (my account as that is the main one) at home and I am away and wanting to use my Spotify through the normal app I can't.  Question:  can you stream Spotify from one device through Sonos and play music from the same account offline on another device?  Seems the only solution?


Any help on this would be great.  My Sonos is now not looking very user friendly.

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I also have this problem, but i see no answer has been given.


Not allowed. Terrible customer experience to not allow multiple sessions at once from same user if paying for family. At 15$ a month it's pretty much unforgivable. Takes a long time to build playlists, faves, and saved shazams yadayada. Lame one of the family members has to start from scratch. I KNOW that we can share lists, but a lot of extra work for a lot of money for such a simple tech requirement.

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