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Music Dropping on musiccast/Connect Yamaha

Music Dropping on musiccast/Connect Yamaha

Music is dropping regularly when using Musiccast Yamaha, Connect, on RX-V4A and wxad-10. Experience at using spotify is worst and worst. Problem not occuring with Tida or Qobuz. What is the solution to avoid th problem?
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I also have the exact same problem, which started a few months ago, very randomly, but is now hapenning every day.
My experience is ruined as i get several cuts per day while playing music on my Yamaha rx-A1050 through spotify connect and the only solution is to skip the currently played song or move forward / backward.
Any chance the spotify team can do something to fix it asap??

I've read several topics on various forums and the problem seems to be very wide and well known since months!
If nothing is done, i will have to switch to an other music provider.

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