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Music Pausing Randomly

Music Pausing Randomly

I have premium and all my songs downloaded, but my songs will just randomly pause every few seconds. I'm able to unpause them immediately but it's very annoying.
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YES! I reinstalled the app, no bueno. I have premium but no downloads. I noticed it’s whenever any other app uses sound, or Could use sound. A notification will cut it off, entering instagram or the clock app or passing a video on twitter; like OP said it’s random and hard to pin down but I think the sound-takeover is the most likely thing i’ve noticed. I also had to take my phone off vibrate this morning to make the music even start playing. So spotify is using ringer volume now? Which could explain why a notification will cut off music. i’m on latest ios 

Hey there folks,

Thanks for posting in the Community and sorry for the late response, as I just come across this thread. 

Not really sure if both your issues are connected, so I'd give you individual advises 🙂 Hope they can help.

The original user here might need to switch to Listen offline mode first, to instruct the app that it's supposed to use the cached info. If this doesn't help then it could mean that the cached info is corrupted or it was simply not saved completely when downloading. To remedy for that I suggest to try a clean reinstall of the app, as this is more thorough than the normal one and ensures that no cached data will cause interference with the new installation. Keep in mind that this will also wipe out the cached info about the offline playlists, so they'd need to be downloaded a new after the reinstallation. 

As for @venicebeach6 , this behavior could be due to how your device's notifications options are set in the iOS on board. I've found something similar in the Apple Community here, that could possibly be of help. If this doesn't help, then I can suggest you to also try a clean reinstall (steps linked above). See if any of these two make a difference for you.

Hope something here helps and does the trick for you both - reach out if you need more help!

Kiril Moderator
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My premium Spotify keeps stopping after a couple of minutes play.

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I'm also facing the same problem, pauses every 20 seconds and only once the play works to play the music again. I am forced to turn off Bluetooth again. This is super frustrating. I don't face this issue on other platforms. Tried to clear cache and clearing the storage as well. Nothing worked 

Hi @Sabaribalagopal,


Thanks for reaching out. What devices does this happen on? Does it happen regardless of what Bluetooth output is selected?


Let us know how it goes.

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mine started doing this starting today, I've tried doing the other things that was suggested to do and nothing is working. Is there anyway to fix? It's happening both on my computer and mobile device.


Using Bluetooth or speakers, music will pause randomly every 2 seconds. I've signed out everywhere, I've cleared cache, I've reinstalled the app, tried data or wifi, have Spotify all the data and permissions it could need and I still have it pause every 20 secs. Horrible experience at gym with this problem just started happening today 

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