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Music Pausing Randomly

Music Pausing Randomly

I have premium and all my songs downloaded, but my songs will just randomly pause every few seconds. I'm able to unpause them immediately but it's very annoying.
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Experience this issue while using Bluetooth and driving. Not using Android
Auto but regular Bluetooth through my car. Song kept skipping and then
played fine connection type was mobile data

Hey folks,

Thank you for joining the conversation and welcome to the Community.

In order to look into this further with the relevant team, would you mind checking if it also happens on a device different than a Pixel? This will give us a better look at the behavior.

Also, and if possible; could any of you record a short video where we can take a better look? You can attach it to your next response by using the Insert Video option in the post editor. You can also upload it to YouTube or Google Drive and share the link with us (make sure the video has the permissions for anyone to see it).

Lastly, and in case you haven't sent it yet; remember to let us know the following info:

- Your device info (make/model) and OS version
- Exact Spotify version

We'll be on the lookout.

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I am having the same issue where my music pauses every so often, ranging from around 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Unpausing the song every time this occurs is quite frustrating after a while. This happens on all my devices (Iphone (IOS 17), Xbox and my computer). I have tried listening on and offline, clearing cache, signing out of all devices and changing my password. However I did find out that this problem only exists when I listen to music as for podcasts it plays smoothly. Please if you could let me know a solution to this it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. 

Hi @Ellis10,


Thanks for the reply. Could you provide us a video as requested by @OscarDC? This will help us be able to see exactly what's happening and look into this further.


Keep us posted.

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Hey, the same started happening to me yesterday on my S22 Ultra.

Android 14

UI 6.0

Spotify version

Playing through my HuaweiBuds 5i via Bluetooth.

Pauses randomly between 20 secs and 2 mins of playback.

I've also tried in my car via Bluetooth and Android Car Play and the issue remains consistent

This happens to me when streaming Spotify premium to a Bluetooth device (car stereo). Song pauses, when you press play again on phone (Samsung galaxy fold) it skips to the start of the song that was playing when it paused rather than playing from where it paused the song. Only seems to happen with music ( both streamed and downloaded)  It's very frustrating and needs remedying as I am thinking of cancelling my subscription. I can't get the service I'm paying for 50% of the time!


Hey there folks,

Thanks for reaching out!

Going through the thread, it seems people are experiencing pausing in quite different scenarios - both on different devices and in different ways. So we can look into this more closely, we'll need a bit more info.

@YoungTortellino can you send us some more info on what exactly is happening to you? Does the app just pause your song, and are you able to restart it immediately from the place it stopped? Are you seeing any error messages?

@Russ_E & @YoungTortellino have you tried any of the troubleshooting steps listed in the thread? Did you notice a difference after trying any of the steps?

Also, since both of you have a similar issue, it's also a good call to check if the Android settings aren't blocking Spotify.

Keep us posted on how it goes.

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Still an issue and I have followed all the steps I have read through the community. 

Hey @Ljb93,


If you've tried all the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this thread, please send over the info requested by @Maria above, so we can investigate further.



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Its been happening for a few days and I tried changing my password and logging out of my other devices

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Pixel 7a

Operating System

Android 14


Spotify has rdcently started an annoying habit of constantly pausing the player when it's connected to a BT device and running in the background. I would say this started happening in the last 3 months, possibly since my phone updated to Android 14.  Audio will play for about 15 sec, then stop, and I have to hit play to start it again. This happens regardless of data connection type, wifi or wireless, and it happens regardless of the BT device I'm connected to, headphones, car, speaker, etc.  The only way to keep it from happening is to stay in the app at all times while audio is playing. 


I have tweaked every setting I can find in older posts with the same issue. I've cleared the cache, I've done a clean install multiple times, Spotify has unlimited battery usage permission, and Spotify Connect in Background is enabled. Nothing is solving this issue and it's rendering Spotify almost unusable for BT listening. 


Its litterally only, whats in the first question, every 20 to 60 seconds, it seems pretty random, my played song gets paused


Started happening to me today during my commute. Still occurring on another device. Someone mentioned third-party apps. 
Well last night, through Discord (voice/video calls). I shared my screen that had Spotify playing, and briefly got an error stating that I cannot stream the music. This paused my music, and I stopped playing after that. Today Is when I first noticed the pausing, and low and behold, I actually still had the error message from last night (on discord). I closed the error message and the error is still occurring. Just wanted to type out some context in hopes that it might help someone figure out this issue. Has anyone managed to resolve it? 

My Galaxy S22 phone also stops playing at different intervals.  Sometimes at the end of a song it stops even though I have random play selected.  It also has stopped at other time but at the end of songs is the most common.  I am up to date with the app so that shouldn't be an issue.  Just gets frustrating trying to enjoy the music.  I to have a premium account.  Any thoughts on rectifying this situation would be great. 

This started happening to me as well just randomly while listening to music. All songs just pause in random intervals, without me doing absolutely anything. I just sat with spotify open and the song on screen, and it still kept happening. I am able to play the song immediately after it paused. I tested it with a downloaded song in offline mode, and also online. Phone is OnePlus Nord 2T.

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