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Music not syncing across devices

Music not syncing across devices

A cople of days ago, I was using spotify on my computer to edit my stared playlist. After doing songs arent syncing on my starred playlist across my devices (phone, ipad and computer). All other playlists sync fine, why is my starred playlist not syncing? My starred playlist is currently empty and appears so on all dicives. When I try adding a song on say my ipad, it appeasrs on my ipad but doesn't sync to my computer or phone, on these, the starred playlist appears empty. How to fix this?



3 Replies

Hey there.


I'm really sorry to hear that.


There may be some delays in update process. To speed it up, please remove device from Internet connection and after seconds, enable connection back. Tracks should appear soon.




Jyrziu xD

Thanks for replying. I've tried this and it didn't work, any other ideas?

Please ensure you are log in with right account details. Also try to reinstal your app.


If no help, contact the customer service.

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