Music randomly pauses when connected to BT speaker


Music randomly pauses when connected to BT speaker


Hey guys,


so recently got got a JBL Charge 3 speaker and has been absolutely awesome until now...


listening to some sick beats when all of a sudden my spotify pauses, and continues consecutively until I get frustrated and give up. I have solved it sometimes by switching the internet off and then back on again how we it doesn’t last very long.


I presumed there was something wrong with the speaker itself but it seems that spotify is the only program that ‘force-pauses’. Leading me to believe there might be a problem with spotify itself. 


Please ded help I don’t want this to continue!

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Casual Listener

Hey, you're not alone with this issue. Try doing the things I did to fix mine:

It could be the app itself, it depends on where you listen to your music and how you are connecting to the speaker.

Do you use your phone or computer?

If you use a computer desktop app to play your music to the speaker, perhaps reinstalling the app and seeing if that helps, you can do this on the Spotify website. 

Once you have done a clean reinstall, try running the app as administrator and keep the app updated. 

If you are using a mobile app, consider reinstalling the app and checking for any updates. 


I hope this helps,


Casual Listener

it might help or not, i brought this app for android phone with "broken audio jack" turnsout only detection was broken as i checked that with multimeeter, inside u have opions that can soleve your problem becouse it completly menages audio routing in android


I had the same problem and I'm convinced it's simply a bug. I was listening on my Samsung phone and the problem stopped after I reinstalled the app. Hope that works for you as well!